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000151350014 by 黃熱 on Flickr.


000151350014 by 黃熱 on Flickr.

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I’ve just arrived in Haneda! The flight was really fun, I’ve never been on such a long flight before! (Only once to Germany haha ^^;; ) I loved looking at all the places we flew over, it’s interesting to see so many mountains, turbulence and flying through clouds was fun too. :D
I think we’re about to get the monorail and train to the hotel. c: I’ll try to answer messages when I get there and I’m settled, sorry I have some I haven’t answered yet. :c Have a lovely day! c:

princess-peachie replied to your photoset “Another lavender outfit from my recent haul! c: ♥ I’d like to get a…”

Gosh I LOOOOVE that top on you! I considered getting it after you inspired me, but I’m too shy showing off my shoulders just now haha

Ahh thank you so very much! ; v ; I hope you feel comfortable with showing shoulders, I’m sure you’ll look great! Though I sometimes wear the puffs over my shoulders, they look okay like that too so you don’t have to miss out if you still really want the top (I believe it’s still in stock♪). c: I’m not comfy showing my whole tummy so it’s high waists all the way for me. ; v ;♪

Another lavender outfit from my recent haul! c: ♥ I’d like to get a few more pairs of high waisted jeans soon.♪

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arlouette sent: just so you know, you're uber adorable ❤

Oh gosh thank you so very much ;; v ;; ♥♥

(by  benageXYZ-邊)

(by  benageXYZ-邊)

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milk-swirl sent: I really like your himekaji outfits (^∇^) You look really cute !

Ahh I’m so glad you like them! ; v ; ♥ Thank you so very much! ;v;♥♥