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Anonymous sent: Hi! How's Japan? Can you take pics and such and post on your blog? I think a lot of us are super curious! And take pics of yourself having fun!

Hello! c:
Japan is awesome! I’ve found a few things aren’t as good as they’ve been hyped up to be (or maybe they’re not as to my tastes as I expected, because some people might really enjoy them! :D) and a lot of things have been way better than I expected, so overall way better than I could have hoped. :D ♪ I’ve taken loads of photos but I’m not doing any blogging until I get home (so sometime after the 24th) because I haven’t the time to do that while I’m here. c: I’ve been posting the odd photo or two and haul photos on twitter and facebook though. Here’s one of my favourites so far, while I was at Fuji-Q Highland:
Because… well it’s got Mt. Fuji and Takabisha (the steepest coaster in the world! :D) in one photo ww. I ended going on twice because I loved it so much! I haven’t got many photos of me apart from a buttload of purikura, and me awkwardly posing with some stuff but I’ll post some soon maybe. c:

Anonymous sent: You're so cute! How old are you?

Thank you so very much ; v ;♥ I’m older than time itself ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ♪


ムーミンバブルティー!// Moomin bubbletea!

Anonymous sent: Hi Eliza! I just wanted to tell you you're such an inspiration to me when it comes to fashion and looking at the positives in life! I think you're super duper cute btw. I have one question... what do you do to be so thin? do you eat a vegan diet? or do you exercise a lot? I just want to lose about 10-15 pounds and stuff. any tips? Thanks cutie ;u;

Hello Anon! c:
Thank you so so very much, it means a lot to me to be an inspiration! ; v ; ♥ I hope you can keep seeing as many positives as possible, even though it can be tough sometimes.
I don’t always feel comfortable answering questions like this, or talking about my personal situation at least, sorry. ; n ; But I think basic things that are good are: to eat balanced meals whenever possible (calorie counting isn’t healthy though, I think it’s really important to keep your mind healthy and happy too!), eat breakfast and have a fresh glass of water as soon as possible after waking up (it kickstarts your metabolism, and the water is good for cleansing! c: ), and excercise to suit you - I really recommend yoga though, it’s got the whole healthy body & mind thing going and is enjoyable.^^ Everyone’s body is different and they work differently though, so I recommend maybe seeing someone who can advise you on what sort of diet & exercise would be best for you! I hope that helped even if it was just a little. c:

Anonymous sent: I bet you're been asked this a million times before, but I couldn't find it in your answered questions, I'm so sorry if I just skipped over it! I was wondering how you got your hair so blonde.

My hair is already caramel blonde naturally so it didn’t take long to get to super blonde. c: I usually use an almost platinum dye, though last time it went too platinum/ashy so I used lemon juice and conditioner gloop on my head for an hour and it took the silverishness away. :D So I’m going to start using a lemon mask more often.^^

Please be careful when using dye though! ; v ; Make sure to test and stuff and make sure if you use heat styling on your hair that you get protector spray so it doesn’t get damaged.^^ I can’t remember the name of the dye I use (and I can’t check because I’m on holiday now) but the protector spray I have is “Tresemme Heat Defence Styling Spray” (I brought it with me :D), I use it before blow drying my hair too. c:

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"I’ve been trying to figure out exactly what it is I need
Call up to listen to the voice of reason
And got the answering machine”

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